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Protein Analytics - Mass Mapping

  • Mass mapping is usually performed on protein bands purified by electrophoresis on SDS-PAGE gels. (The method is equally applicable to proteins in solution.  However, please consult Dick Winant prior to submitting any sample not contained in a gel.) Any gel spot that can be visualized by Coomassie staining is an excellent candidate for mass mapping, as are silver stained spots of moderate intensity.  If gels are to be silver stained, one must avoid glutaraldehyde as a fixative agent.  Several commercial silver stain kits are available and are generally identified as “mass spec compatible”.

  • The gel should be protected from contamination by human hands and from dust in the air. Keratins contained in dust are a common form of contamination and their presence must be minimized by the use of clean glassware, reagents, etc.  Most importantly, submit your samples in nuclease-free Eppendorf tubes.  It is best to also submit a blank region of gel along with the sample to serve as a control.  There is no charge for analysis of the blank.

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