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Located in rooms
B065 and B017


** Click on each service for further information.

  Genomic Services
pyro Pyrosequencing
• CpG Methylation
• SNP/Mutation Analysis
dnaseq Next Gen Sequencing (NGS)
* Sequencing Coverage Calculator
* Bioanalyzer tips for NGS samples
dnaseq ** Single Cell Genomics (SCG)
  Protein Services

ms Mass Spectrometry
proseq Protein Analytics:
Mass Mapping
Edman Sequencing


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What's New?
  • Single Cell Genomics - Office Hours
    - Every third Thursday of the month starting 2/16/17 from 11:00am –1:00pm, Beckman Center, Room B062 -- Walk-in, no appointments needed.

    ** Discuss your current and/or future single cell biology projects over lunch or while enjoying a cup of coffee.
    ** Learn more about the most recent single-cell applications and how they can advance your own research.
    ** Single-cell atlasing versus single-cell characterization –Understand the differences and what it means for your own scientific discovery process

  • PAN DNA Sequencing Promotion!!!
    - Season’s greetings from The PAN Facility!

    Are you interested in free DNA sequencing services?
    ** We at the PAN facility will be evaluating a new DNA sequencing platform during the month of January. During the course of this evaluation we will be providing DNA sequencing services AT NO COST if you agree that we can use your samples for the evaluation and share your data.

    ** The offer is limited, thus if you are interested, please contact us soon with details about your DNA templates and applications of the data. Feel free to forward this information to any of your colleagues interested in our DNA sequencing services.

  • Stay connected - find us on

  • Mass Mapping Service: Back in business
    - Please contact Dick Winant for any inquiries. Thanks.

  • 2017 Service Center Acknowledgement Raffle:
    - Here is another chance for you to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card, by submitting any of your accepted publications that acknowledges the use of any of the Stanford School of Medicine service centers.