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Gene Expression


** There are different types of service provided within the Gene Expression section. You must check the submission requirements for each service before placing your orders.

Full Service: (back to top)

• General Info. --

Investigators provide total RNA samples and PAN Facility carries out the entire target preparation, including Bioanalyzer QC of total RNA, then in vitro transcription, fragmentation, labeling, hybridization to the microarray, and scanning. The final raw data files are burned on the DVD. An e-mail notification is sent out upon the completion of the project. Turnaround time is usually 2 weeks, but exceptions apply.

Hybridization and Scanning : (back to top)

• General Info. --

Investigators provide fragmented and labeled targets, and PAN Facility carries out hybridization to the microarray indicated in the order, followed by the scan. Investigators are responsible for all QC prior to hybridization, including quality checks for total RNA and target fragmentation.