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  • The PAN facility has joined forces with AbD Serotec to provide the research community with easy access to recombinant antibodies selected from vast combi­natorial libraries.
  • AbD Serotec uses the HuCAL® (Human Combinatorial Antibody Library) recombinant antibody technology (http://www.ab-direct.com/custom/hucal_technology-368.html) to custom develop highly specific monoclonal antibodies in only 8 weeks.
  • In addition to it being fastest way to generate monoclonal antibodies the HuCAL® GOLD antibody technology also has many other advantages over traditional animal immunization approaches. The unique in vitro technology uses intelligent screening protocols to direct the selection of very specific antibodies (http://www.ab-direct.com/custom/exquisite_specificity-431.html) and no animals means less restriction on the type of antigens and the ability for directing the antibody selection to meet your needs.




** Purified, ELISA-positive monoclonals ready in 8 weeks

Direct selection of:

— Epitope-specific and phospho-specific antibodies

— Antibodies to distinguish between closely related proteins

— Antibodies that bind to homologous proteins

— Antibodies that work in special buffers

Antibodies tagged or labeled to suit your application

Antigens that are highly conserved in mammals

Poorly-immunogenic and toxic antigens

  • Together with AbD Serotec we will work closely with you to design the project based on antigen availability and the antibody application needs. You will only be charged if AbD Serotec is able to generate antibodies.

** For more information or if you are interested in starting an antibody project please contact Michael Eckart at meckart@stanford.edu.