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Single Cell Genomics


PAN is offering different services for Single Cell Genomics technology. You must check the requirements for each service before submitting your samples to us.


Our service can be tailored to individual requirement. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Fluidigm C1 - Instrument Run Only : (back to top)

• General Info. -- Client provides Chip, C1 Sngle Cell Auto Prep Reagents, SMARTer Ultra Low RNA Reagents and sample QC

- You can check the machine availabililty and make reservation from PAN Scheduler.
- Please make sure that you booked the right instrument since there are other resources listed on the same scheduler.
Upon the approval of PAN staff, you will be able to use the machine at the scheduled time.
- Please contact us if there's any delay in getting your reservation(s) approved.

Fluidigm C1 - Full Service: (back to top)

• General Info. --

- PAN will perform single cell capture and cDNA amplification.
- We will provide Single Cell Auto Prep Reagents, SMARTer Ultra Low RNA reagents and sample QC on the Fragment Analyzer.

Single Cell Library Prep : (back to top)

• General Info. --

** LIbrary prep will include sample QC

** Single Cell RNA Seq
  - Ultra low input RNA-Seq using Clontech SMART-Seq Kit
  - Ultra low input and Single Cell RNA-Seq using Bio-Rad Droplet Digital™ technology (ddSEQ™) with Illumina NGS library preparation, sequencing, and analysis technologies.

** scATAC-Seq


Spatial Transcriptomics: (back to top)

• General Info. --

Coming Soon...