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Located in rooms
B065 and B017


Oligonucleotide Synthesis


Oligos are synthesized on an ABI 394 or ABI 3900 DNA/RNA instruments.


All DNA and RNA syntheses are performed using beta-cyanoethyl phosphoramidite chemistry.

Synthesis Scales

  • 40nmol, 0.2umol, and 1.0umol scale syntheses are available.
  • 25nmol scale synthesis is available for orders of 24 oligos or more.

    **We accept excel files for orders with 25 oligos or more. Please follow these instructions.


  • Oligos synthesized on a 40nmol, 0.2umol, or 1.0umol scale may be purified for an additional charge.
  • No purification is available for the 25nmol scale.
    **Any oligos longer than 100mer will be purified with an additional charge.


Please type in the modification boxes the specific modifications you require for your oligos. If there is any thing else that you want us to know, please type it in the comments box.

Turn-Around Time

  • Modified oligos will usually be released within three days.
  • All other order(s) will be released within the next business day, unless submitted on Friday or before a scheduled holiday.
  • Due to our rapid turn-around, we do NOT send out emails when orders are completed. Please check the status of your order online (View Order History). If the status is "Completed", your order is ready for pick-up at PAN, outside room B017, Beckman Center. For non-Stanford orders, we will be mailing the products to you as soon as the orders are completed.