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Protein Analytics - Mass Mapping

AB 4700 Proteomics Analyzer

The 4700 is a MALDI mass spectrometer that provides tandem (MS/MS) time-of-flight (TOF) optics to provide peptide structural information, in addition to high accuracy MS data. The 4700 is principally used for mass mapping identification of unknown protein samples.

The 4700 combines delayed extraction and reflector optics for high resolution, high mass accuracy analysis. Peptide samples present in complex mixtures can be individually fragmented in a collision cell which provides amino acid composition and sequence information. The instrument’s high laser repetition rate of 200 Hz, and fully automated data analysis capability provide very high throughput rates for high confidence identification of unknown proteins by mass mapping analysis.

The 4700 can detect 5 fmol Neurotensin (m/z 1672) at a 50:1 signal:noise ratio. For identification of unknown proteins in one- or two-dimensional gels, we recommend a minimum of 100 fmol of protein (low ng range).

Typically, we achieve 25 ppm accuracy in mass mapping experiments without the need for introduction of an internal calibrant. With internal calibration, accuracy is +/- 5 ppm.

The 4700 is capable of unattended analysis at a high laser repetition rate. Because of these design features, thousands of proteins can, in theory, be analyzed per day. At present, sample handling limitations prevent our attaining this ideal, but we process dozens of samples per order with a turnaround time of approximately one week, and we offer significant price reductions for large orders (see rates page).