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Real-Time PCR

Sample Submission Requirements

** Please check for the appropriate sample submission requirements for each service type before placing your orders

Full Service: (back to top)

with Reverse Transcription: (Bioanalyzer QC included)
• Submission requirements:
• Total RNA
* Volume: at least 10ul per sample
without Reverse Transcription:
• Submission requirements:
• cDNA
* Volume: ~18ul per triplicate
• Assays (TaqMan or SybrGreen)
* Volume: ~6ul per triplicate

Recommended concentration ranges and QC values

Concentration (F.C.)
10ng - 2ug
1ng/ul - 10ng/ul
1ng/ul - 10ng/ul
300nM - 900nM
*RNA/DNA must be measured on a Nanodrop and/or BioAnalyzer.
**Assume 100% conversion of RNA to cDNA and dilute RT accordingly.

Self Service: (back to top)

  • Currently the instrument is available for Self Service with the researcher providing all StepOnePlus compatable consumables and reagents. Please follow the instructions below to for reservation and usage information:
    Place an online order for "Run Only" under qPCR section at pan.stanford.edu.
    Book machine's time from our online scheduler.

    Important Notes:
    ** First-time users must contact us for a free and quick tutorial on instrument and software before scheduling a run.
    ** Only use StepOnePlus compatible consumables and reagents.
    § ABI MicroAmp Fast Optical Plate (0.1ml) - Part #4346907.
    § ABI MicroAmp Optical Adhesive Film - Part #4360954

    • Free copy of the StepOnePlus software (PC only) is available through ABI/Life Technologies or through PAN.

    • Bring plate wrapped in foil. Do not place plate on ice, as ice may generate false flurescent signal. Plate is okay at RT for a short time. If plate needs to be stored for a few hours or a day you may store it in our fridge.

    • Bring plate layout and thermal cycling conditions for your SybrGreen or Taqman reagent with you.

    • A centrifuge is available in the lab for customer use.

    • After-hours access is available, please contact panpyro-qpcr@stanford.edu or Mike Eckart for access.

    **Please note that the charge is per plate, not per hour, refer to the price sheet for detailed information.